So you want to get fit. And healthy. But where do you begin?
Before you do anything take a deep breath and think.

Think about what you would enjoy doing, because if you’re not going to enjoy it then you’re definitely not going to stick with it for long.

Think about how often you would have time available to do it. If not, perhaps chose something that only takes 30-45 minutes, or re-look your schedule and see how you could make changes to accommodate an exercise class regularly.

Think about where you would like to train. In a big gym with access to lots of equipment? That’s great if you know your way around or you’re planning on hiring a personal trainer or following a training programme. What about a small studio environment? Fewer people per class means you’re more likely to get better supervised training.

Think about distance and how far you would be prepared to travel to exercise. Would it be easier to be close to work or close to home? Which is the better traffic option?

Think about finances and work out a budget. Big gyms can work out cheaper, but if you have no plan to stick to and no idea what you’re doing, it can be a very long 2-year contract to fill. Smaller studios and gyms are more pricey, but they often offer more specialised training with qualified professionals so you will get individual attention. In the long run it’s your health you’re investing in, it is definitely worth the extra money.

Now you’ve done your thinking, it’s time to act.

Most gyms and studio’s offer a once-off drop-in rate so you can go and try a class and see if you like it. Remember it’s not just the exercise, you need to enjoy the environment and trainers as well.

So try out as many as you can, see which ones fit your time and finance budget and which one’s you’ll enjoy. If you’re lucky you might find one which fits all three. If not, it’s time to compromise on something.

At The KettleBelle I offer kettlebell small group classes as well as Pilates mat classes, and private training. While kettlebells and Pilates may seem vastly different, they are both excellent at improving posture, strength, coordination and balance.