This is one of my clients who has been tracking her progress for 4 months.
She is also down 4cm on her bum, 7cm on her hips, 4cm on her chest and 14cm on her tummy.
How did she do it? The old-fashioned way. She started moving more every day, and started eating better. And her body rewarded her.

Is she at her goal weight yet? Not yet, but she is 4-months closer than she was last year, and because she has lost the weight slowly and carefully, there is a far greater chance it will stay off.

That’s awesome… but… four months? What a long time to wait!! Is there no way to lose weight faster? 

That’s what you were thinking, right?

You’re not alone. Most people want to lose weight NOW. And some can do it. Some people can live off steamed chicken and flavourless rice and are satisfied with the occasional hunger pangs. Or they find some “miracle pills” or “too-good-to-be-true” shakes so they can just drink their food.

They stick to it for as long as they need to – and they lose the weight.

But then life happens. They go on holiday, or they’re at a conference for a week, or maybe they just get bored and irritated with eating such boring bland food, or get tired of drinking the same shakes. Or get some nasty side-effects from the pills. So they stop eating “healthy”. And a few weeks later the scale starts to creep back up. The jeans get tighter. And in a few weeks they’re back to where they started.

So out comes the steamer and the shaker…

It’s exhausting just typing this, I can’t even imagine how tiring this endless and pointless cycle of dieting must be.

There is NO quick fix. No diet pill or shake or rigid, limiting diet, will ever replace moving more and eating better. (Notice I didn’t say ‘less’… in most cases, certainly most of my female clients, the problem is generally they are hungry AF and not eating enough).

So you can “invest” your money in yet another round of shakes, pills or the latest diet book. And get results fast – hell some of them promise a 7-day turn around! But at some point (hopefully long before you completely sabotage your metabolism with endless dieting) your common sense will knock you over the head and drag you back to the beginning.

The question then remains then.. how long does it take to lose weight?

If you put in the effort and you’re consistent about it every day, you should expect results to start showing between 8-12 weeks.

They key is consistency. There’s no point in being beautifully disciplined Monday- Friday and then binge eating and boozing it up all weekend. That will only sabotage your weekly efforts and your results will be far slower.

No-one is saying deprive yourself of all that is tasty and fun. But there’s no need to eat it like it’s your last meal on earth.

Keep it simple:

  • Move more. Because moving burns calories.
  • Lift more. Because being weak is never a desirable trait. And it burns calories.
  • Eat better. Because it’s your health in the long run that will suffer.
  • Eat in moderation. Because eating more calories than you consume will always equal weight gain. And eating too little will leave you tired, weak and irritable.
  • Be patient. It took a while for your body to get so out of shape, don’t be unrealistic in your expectations.

When you’re ready to talk realistically about how to get back into shape and you’re willing to put in the work, give me a call and we can talk. I can help, if you’re willing to listen.