Two busy but beautiful boys were more than enough for me. But apparently that wasn’t in my plan and I find myself now pregnant with my third child – a few months after we have sold and given away literally all our baby stuff. However, we are thrilled, albeit a bit shocked at first, but we are also grateful to have been blessed with another soul to raise.

That said, I didn’t realise I was pregnant until I was almost 8-weeks pregnant.

Not terribly observant for someone so health-conscious and aware of her body right? 

Well I’m putting it down to the fact I had been training for months towards the Western Province Powerlifting Nationals qualifying event, and the fact that I had no nausea or ‘typical’ pregnancy symptoms other than a missed period (I really need to write that stuff down… note to future self!)

In fact I even competed at the qualifying AND qualified despite being 8-weeks pregnant. So a few days later when I confirmed my suspicions, my plan for the year changed somewhat. No competing at Nationals in June. At least not this year.

I can’t say I wasn’t bummed. I put a lot of work into my training. However, having had two natural births before I am acutely aware that my strength and training will be put to good use – just in a different way and with a different result 

Powerlifting and pregnant

So does that mean I will continue to do powerlifting throughout my pregnancy? Absolutely. For as long as I physically can. I am the strongest I have ever been, I’m not giving that up without a fight. Does that mean every woman should train heavy weights in pregnancy?

Absolutely NOT. Pregnancy is not the time to take up a new sport. I have been training with my coach, the very knowledgeable David Cross, for over two years and this was my third competition I trained for and competed in.

I am also very educated in the field of pre- and post-natal exercise – not only in terms of which exercises to do and which to avoid (anyone can Google that), but also how to identify early warning signs of common pregnancy-related conditions for which exercise is contraindicated.

I did Preggi Bellies in my first pregnancy and after that I completed their extensive pre- and post-natal training course and was a certified Preggi Bellies teacher for a few months before branching out on my own. I am also a certified Pilates teacher which adds to my knowledge on safe but effective exercises during pregnancy.

I have exercised throughout both my previous pregnancies. In my first pregnancy I did CrossFit at Cape CrossFit five days a week right up into 36 weeks when I got pneumonia and had to stop.

In my second pregnancy I had just started The KettleBelle and trained myself with purely kettlebells throughout and did my last set of kettlebell swings the day before I gave birth.

Pregnancy is hard.
Giving birth is hard.
Recovering properly from both is even harder.
The stronger, fitter and better prepared your body and mind are going into this, the easier and quicker your recovery will be.

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