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31 Weeks Strong

Training when you’re pregnant can be tough, but I really do believe it’s essential for a strong and healthy pregnancy and will help with postpartum recovery. After all, you’re NOT pregnant for a lot longer than you are pregnant, and those first few months postpartum...

16 Weeks Down

Pregnancy is a funny old thing. Clearly the female body was designed to grow, nurture and produce a little human. God forbid, more than one in some cases (hats off to those women!!). So logically you’d think it would be a natural, effortless process, right? Well if...

Here we go again.

Two busy but beautiful boys were more than enough for me. But apparently that wasn’t in my plan and I find myself now pregnant with my third child – a few months after we have sold and given away literally all our baby stuff. However, we are thrilled, albeit a bit...

How long does change take?

This is one of my clients who has been tracking her progress for 4 months.She is also down 4cm on her bum, 7cm on her hips, 4cm on her chest and 14cm on her tummy.How did she do it? The old-fashioned way. She started moving more every day, and started eating better....

Where to begin?

So you want to get fit. And healthy. But where do you begin?Before you do anything take a deep breath and think. Think about what you would enjoy doing, because if you’re not going to enjoy it then you’re definitely not going to stick with it for long. Think...

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