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Strength Program

Being strong is not just for men and it definitely WILL NOT make a woman look like a man.
In fact, strength training will change your physique faster and make you leaner
than any other form of exercise.  Strength training is vital for all people for stronger bones,
healthier joints and ligaments, it will benefit your body mechanics and capability with
basic life and it will add a renewed vitality to everything from your running and cycling to your sex life.

In terms of aesthetics, it is also one of the best ways to change your physique
to be lean and maintain low body fat.

As a competitive powerlifter, I am not “bulky” but I can deadlift almost 3x my body weight, I can squat more than double my bodyweight and I can bench press just over my bodyweight.

Training with me will get you under a bar, moving it well and learning how to perform the basic barbell and kettlebell movements to the best of your ability. My classes offer full-body exercise incorporating a mix of barbell work, kettlebell movements and dumbbell and conditioning accessory work.

Don’t be strong for a girl. Just be strong.

stronger  | healthier  |  happier

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